About Us

Photo: John Oakes

Photo: John Oakes

Our clients want to create positive change and we help them evaluate their efforts. Since 2012, TerraLuna Collaborative has assisted organizations in Minnesota—and around the world—by collecting and analyzing the data they need to look honestly at their programs. We help our partners understand effects, utilize evaluation findings, and develop strategies for growth.

Inclusive Evaluation

TerraLuna often challenges preconceived ideas about what evaluation looks like and who should be involved in the evaluation process. We strive to lift up voices that are typically marginalized and contribute to meaningful reflection and learning. TerraLuna equips people with the skills to create lasting, positive impact in local, national, and global communities.

A Dedicated Team

Our team possesses the professional backgrounds and lived experiences essential to planning and conducting high-quality evaluations. TerraLuna members are experts from a variety of fields, including evaluation, statistics, creative writing, public policy, and public health.

We have the responsibility to contribute to positive change and justice. Guided by our core values, we work cooperatively, adapting and responding to new opportunities.

Our Mission and Values

At TerraLuna Collaborative, our mission is to weave connections and support change at the intersection of learning, arts, and social justice.

We value social justice, social equity, being people-focused, providing inclusive and responsive evaluation, and recognizing that one size does not fit all. All of our work is undertaken with these values serving as guiding principles.

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Photo: John Oakes

Photo: John Oakes

Here to Help

At TerraLuna Collaborative, we look forward to moving into new sectors and partnering with new clients, consultants, and communities. We are excited to apply our imagination, intellect, and creativity to furthering social justice and social equity.

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