Nora Murphy, Ph.D

Nora F. Murphy is a founding member of TerraLuna and Principal Visionary Officer on the Board of Directors. She has a broad set of experiences as an evaluator and researcher. Nora earned a Ph.D. in Evaluation Studies from The University of Minnesota, a Master of Arts in Research Methodology from The University of Pittsburgh and has her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Earlham College. With strong quantitative and qualitative skills, she has conducted evaluation and research in schools, school districts, local community organizations, national non-profits and government entities. Nora also has previous experience as an educator, both as a high school math and science teacher in Washington D.C., and as the Director of Assessment and Evaluation for the Perspectives Charter Schools in Chicago, IL.

Nora’s primary approach to evaluation is to view programs and people as fundamentally interrelated, applying systems theory as a framework for evaluation planning, design, implementation, analysis, and reporting.  Her evaluations are also utilization-focused, and she facilitates the evaluation process and design with careful consideration of how everything that is done will affect use. Nora was awarded The Michael Scriven Dissertation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Evaluation Theory, Method, or Practice. She feels incredibly lucky to have found her way to this amazing career.