Our Mission

Our mission is to weave connections and support change at the intersection of learning, arts, and social justice.

We do this by:

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

  • Equipping people with the skills required to create lasting, positive change or change processes.

  • Amplifying voices and visions of organizations, systems, and communities that work better for people

  • Grounding our work in what's just, equitable, true, and beautiful.

  • Engaging diverse leaders and organizations for generative connection, reflection, collaboration, and understanding.

  • Reflecting on and documenting what’s working and what's not

Our Values

At TerraLuna Collaborative we value social justice, social equity, being people-focused, providing inclusive and responsive evaluation, and recognizing that one size does not fit all. All of our work is undertaken with these values serving as guiding principles.


The promotion of civil rights, human rights, and recognition of human dignity are necessary to address historical and systemic inequities. We work within groups and communities to develop remedies that recognize the rights of all people.

Social Equity

Individuals and communities have unique needs and obstacles. We work to create non-discriminatory and accessible systems for all.


People want to love and be loved; to see and be seen; to have and realize their dreams; to hear and be heard; and to find belonging and purpose in communities. We strive to help individuals fulfill both their needs and their aspirations.

Inclusive and Responsive Collaboration

Collaboration that can positively change systems must be inclusive and responsive. We utilize comprehensive strategies to elevate fresh insights, offer diverse perspectives, and highlight marginalized voices.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Learning and evaluation are continuous processes of self-discovery, reflection, and inquiry. We facilitate effective, useful, and context-specific learning which lifts up marginalized voices, employs effective methods, and recognizes specific lived experiences.