Kevin Lytle Jr.


Kevin Lytle Jr. is an ever-evolving father, educator, entrepreneur, expressionist, and community developer. He is a native of Omaha, Nebraska and alumnus of DeVry University, in Kansas City, where he majored in Marketing. Kevin is the founder of AK Consulting Group, using an innovative professional development framework that builds educational and service capacity centered around best practices in reaching and assisting children and family from marginalized circumstances, using a culmination of over a decade and half of research, plus work and lived experience. He also created and heads The FUTURE foundation, a non-profit dedicated to restoring hope through personal development classes, building and fostering under-developed talent in youth, while unifying the community and inspiring all to reach excellence. A systems and program evaluator, Kevin is Principal Visionary Officer and member at TerraLuna Collaborative of Minneapolis, Minnesota. During college, Kevin began a 17-year journey in corporate sales, as a spoken word artist, plus coaching, mentoring, and teaching young black males. The latter led him to guiding, instructing, and conducting research regarding youth in Kansas City Public Schools, Duval County Public Schools and, currently in Omaha Public Schools. Over the years, Kevin has hosted many poetry events as well as organized and participated in local and national rallies, encouraging them to “Win from Within. His premiere program, “From Here to the Rest of the World” is taught in many after-school programs across Omaha. Kevin also serves as mentor to several of Omaha’s young males as well as a basketball, chess and poetry coach.