Meet the Board: Keith Miller


As a founding member, I’ve always seen TerraLuna Collaborative as a place for me to build the kind of place I’ve always wanted to work. That includes doing work that is meaningful, working with people that I respect and enjoy, work that gives me flexibility for taking care of my family, and work that allows me to pursue my personal interests.

I’ve served on the TerraLuna Board since the inception of the cooperative. Over the years, I’ve found board service to be a very challenging but rewarding experience. The board is a place where we wrestle with the stewardship of our shared resources and our shared vision to help TerraLuna grow into a sustaining enterprise and community. I enjoy the challenge of the process and the fruit of our labor.

One passion that I bring to the work of TerraLuna is a phrase you might hear me share. I care about, “doing just work justly.” I care about the integrity of our processes, I care about addressing inequity through our cooperative, and I care about finding ways for marginalized voices and perspectives to be valued in the work that we do.

Since our inception, TerraLuna has doubled its membership. We have had over 30 clients (large and small) and numerous project teams. I’m driven to help TerraLuna Collaborative be a place where both our teams and clients are able to learn how to facilitate the change they seek in the world.

Emily Borka