Meet the Board: Gifty Amarteifio


At TerraLuna, I am allowed to be me; in breadth and depth. To be African, and Black, and Female, and Millennial, and, and, and. To bring my experiences, my knowledge, and lens to the work that I do. TerraLuna inspires me to pursue my passions. TerraLuna coaches, motivates, and supports my growth and my journey. Here, my voice is heard, my opinion valued, and my perspectives encouraged.

We are a community people, dissatisfied with the world as it is, pulling together our collective talents to make an impact. Our passions are varied, but our work is linked by our desire for a better world. We laugh as hard as we work, and reminds ourselves to have fun. We recognize each person’s individual contributions and see them as a valued piece of our cooperative puzzle. Our values are reflected internally, and externally with our clients. We place people at the center of our work and bring humanity into our processes.

My place on the Board provides an opportunity to shape and mold this community, to live into the vision of what is possible, and to define and influence the next phase of
TerraLuna’s future.

I would love to say that I chose TerraLuna because of all of these things, but like most of the best things that have happened in my life, TerraLuna chose me.

Emily Borka