Seeking Evaluation Project Leads

Admin Note: This article was orginally published on our previous webiste, October 2017.

Founded in 2013, TerraLuna Collaborative is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based cooperative consulting firm that currently specializes in providing evaluation services to clients of a diverse range of sizes, locations, and purposes. As a coop, TerraLuna is owned by its members. There are currently ten active members. Of these members, five serve as the Board of Directors, TerraLuna’s governing body. In addition to owner-members, we have a part-time general manager, twelve employees in three states and are typically working with about twenty contractors worldwide at any given time.

Currently, only TerraLuna members can initiate contracts and provide both the evaluation expertise (project leadership) and project management necessary to fulfill contract requirements. We are exploring the idea of working with people who are not currently TerraLuna members but are interested in and have the ability to lead, TerraLuna projects. This will allow us to increase the size and scope of our evaluation project work, with the hope of deepening our areas of expertise and building our community. Currently, TerraLuna has specific capacity in the areas of arts-based evaluation, developmental evaluation, evaluation in the education sector, evaluation capacity building, and principles-focused evaluation. We are open to the idea of adding additional areas of expertise that are aligned with our mission, vision, and values, through new project leads and future members.

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Emily Borka