Getting to Grips with Developmental Evaluation

The Developmental Evaluation Institute (DEI) was co-founded in 2016 by TerraLuna member Nora Murphy Johnson and our colleagues in New Zealand, Kate McKegg and Nan Wehipeihana. The DEI mission is to grow and nurture a global community of people committed to social justice and equity who can use and apply  developmental evaluation in ways that support and enhance innovation and systems change. Our vision is a world in which developmental evaluation inspires and catalyzes community led social transformation.

February 13-15, TerraLuna members Nora Murphy Johnson and A. (Andy) Rafael Johnson will co-facilitate a 2-day developmental evaluation with Kate McKegg, Nan Wehipeihana, and Kataraina Pipi. Join us in Raglan, New Zealand for the first-ever developmental evaluation convening!

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