Announcing the First Ever Creative Evaluation Cohort!

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Over the past two years, TerraLuna members A. Rafael (Andy) Johnson and Nora Murphy Johnson have melded their practices of principles-focused evaluation, developmental evaluation, and arts-based evaluation into a coherent strategy they call Creative Evaluation. Andy and Nora have found that using these frameworks together helps people engaged in complex initiatives understand more about the people and communities they are working with, and engages evaluation as a tool for truth, beauty, and justice. However, there are few if any classes, workshops, or trainings in the evaluation frameworks that make Creative Evaluation. So we decided to create something new: the Creative Evaluation Cohort.

The Creative Evaluation Cohort (CEC) will be a group of people who meet and train together in Creative Evaluation. The CEC will also find and evaluate a client project, working in all steps from evaluating potential projects, understanding the strengths and challenges of working as a Creative Evaluator, plus data gathering, analysis, and reporting. We're looking for a cohort of about 6-8 people who can commit to a 9-month cohort experience. Ideal cohort members have some experience in one of three areas: community activism and organizing, evaluation, or the arts. The should be able to meet (in-person) at least once a week during regular business hours. Some meetings will be for training, others will be for the evaluation client. Our goal is to develop leaders in evaluation, arts, and communities who understand and use Creative Evaluation, so leadership ability will be taken into consideration.

If...'re curious and have questions, learn more HERE're interested in this opportunity, please APPLY HERE by December 14 know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please forward this message to them.

...your organization might be interested in working with the CEC, please contact me or Andy.
There is no application fee for potential cohort members, but a $500 fee for materials once accepted. However, CEC members may potentially be paid a small stipend, depending on the project selected. 

Questions? Contact us. We're very excited about this project. 

Andy & Nora