Over the last year, Intermedia Arts (IA) co-working space has provided TerraLuna with a much-needed place to call home. The community at IA nurtured collaboration and creativity and our lives and our business have been enriched. With Intermedia’s doors closing, we took the unanticipated leap into finding our own space. While we lament the loss of the community,¬†we are looking forward to co-creating our growing cooperative business in Minneapolis’ Whittier neighborhood. The new space will allow us to try out some of the new ideas that have been percolating, like out upcoming TerraLuna Salon series (http://bit.ly/TLC_Salon_Series). We’re excited about all of the creativity and possibility that’s in the air. If you haven’t yet, sign up for our newsletter (bit.ly/TLC_Events).


The TerraLuna Team