Raymond Camper

Raymond Camper is a Virginia native, and made the big move to Minnesota in the fall of 2003 partly for a new start away from his hometown, and partly to capture a glimpse of the elusive yet gregarious Garrison Keillor. Raymond has spent the majority of his working life primarily in the Social Services field, during which time he has managed a group home for folks with mental disabilities, to working as a Targeted Mental Health Case Manager as well as a SNAP and MNsure benefit coordinator. Raymond also spent time in the Minnesota Army National Guard, including a stint in Iraq. Raymond graduated from Metropolitan State University in 2010, completing a B.A.S. in Human Services with an emphasis on Family Studies, and a minor in Political Science. He is currently a student at Mitchell Hamline Law School. Although writing, documentation and storytelling has always been a part of Raymond’s personal and professional lives, TerraLuna Collaborative has provided him new challenges in collecting, analyzing, and reporting data as an evaluator. Raymond is currently in the process of publishing a Poetry and Visual Art book project.