our values


Spirited Work

We come to work every day with a fire in our bellies and a love for our work.  We strive to work with organizations that share that same spirit.  It’s that same fire that prompted us to set out in pursuit of an audacious vision…We can collaboratively heal our communities (and ourselves) and eliminate inequities by helping organizations create the impact to which they aspire.

Social Justice and Equityliberation

A free and just society promotes civil and human rights for each individual, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nation of origin, sexual orientation, class, physical ability, mental ability, or age. Through our the projects we choose, the evaluations we design, the methods we select, and the ways in which we engage our partners, we seek to lessens and eliminate:

  • Prejudice and cultural divisions, which thwart individual and collective efforts towards the common good.
  • Discriminatory rules, policies, and practices, which harm some communities while favoring other communities.
  • Structural inequities that negatively impact people of color, women, immigrants, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered people, people with disabilities, and the economically disadvantaged.


Shared Vision

We believe that solving our communities’ greatest challenges requires new ways of thinking, acting, and partnering.  We put this belief in motion by organizing our own business as a cooperative.  This structure calls on us to operate in alignment with cooperative principles recognized around the world, like democratic control, autonomy and independence, concern for community, and education and training, to name a few.

Strategic and Systemic Collaboration

We believe that to create responsive strategies and solutions to social challenges on a large-scale, organizations (including government, nonprofits, and the business sector) need to coordinate their efforts and work together around a clearly defined goal and principles.  We value the fresh insights that come from their different perspectives.

Actionable Change and Innovation

We believe that evaluation done strategically can lead to actionable change, improved organizational effectiveness, and ultimately, social impact. We recognize each new challenge can be addressed in a variety of ways using a variety of approaches. We ask tough questions and search for answers that stand up to scrutiny, and we embrace difficult choices in order to bring about measurable change. We help organizations create change by understanding how problems have been addressed in the past, offering ideas to create innovative solutions.

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