Nadia Akhtar, MS

Nadia holds a Masters of Biostatistics from the University of Michigan and a B.S. from Creighton University. Passionate about statistics and education, she has focused on communicating meaningful and actionable results to stakeholders and decision makers in an effort to improve a variety of public health outcomes, ranging from cancer incidence to participant engagement.

In her work with TerraLuna, Nadia has had the pleasure of working with a talented team of evaluators to address issues of disparity both qualitatively and quantitatively, measuring the impact of a variety of interventions and programs. In addition to working directly with program staff, Nadia has worked on creating and identifying appropriate study designs, applying rigorous statistical methodology to survey data, longitudinal data, and outcomes data focused on articulating program impacts and ultimately improving program effectiveness within social and educational contexts.

As a proponent of data stewardship, Nadia is committed to maintaining the integrity of study data, leveraging statistics to uncover patterns and insight. Passionate about communicating meaningful conclusions to stakeholders, these results are used to benefit the population being served.

She has collaborated with non-profits, for example, the Harriet Tubman Center in Minneapolis, to improve educational outcomes in areas of math and science.  As a statistical research associate at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA, Nadia worked on a variety of study designs and methodology. As a member of SCHARP (Statistical Center for HIV and AIDS Research Prevention), she engaged with study teams to create participant questionnaires while utilizing quantitative biological serum data to measure antibody efficacy in clinical trials. This mixed methods approach was used to determine intervention efficacy as well as guide future study designs and analyses. Throughout her career, Nadia has acquired skills in areas of study design, data collection and analysis, while collaborating with experts in various fields. She enjoys asking challenging, meaningful questions that will ultimately serve to improve the lives of others.