How We Came To Be

TerraLuna Collaborative formed in 2012 around the founding members’ dining room tables, on front porches, and in local coffee shops. We didn’t know if what we were building would work, but we each had a vision for the kind of work we wanted to do, the type of people we wanted to work with, and the balance we were seeking between our professional and personal lives.

At the time we believed that the cooperative principles and values would give us the foundation we needed as organization to help us build our collective and individual visions.  We hoped it would lay the foundation for us to create a workplace where team members enjoy working together as much as they enjoy their work.

In September 2013, we signed a contract with our first client. As the years passed, we have continued to work with more clients and fulfill the visions that brought us together initially. By 2016, we had twelve employees in three states and had worked with more than thirty sub-contractors and consultants throughout the country. We grown in our ability to provide benefits to our employees, offer stipends for professional development, and expand upon the aspirations we created for ourselves and our cooperative business.

Our name, TerraLuna, means earth and moon. It continuously reminds us that what is most important is not evaluation, but something much larger and more fundamental than that. It means we are a part of our larger communities and we have the responsibility to contribute to positive change and justice in the world around us. This keeps us humble and it keeps us motivated to continue living our values and expanding our work.

TerraLuna members are experts from a variety of fields, including evaluation, statistics, creative writing, public policy, and public health. We share a set of core values, a vision for what TerraLuna is and can be,  and possess skill sets and professional backgrounds essential to planning and conducting high-quality evaluations.

Over the years we have been able to expand our skill sets and provide our clients with new and exciting evaluation tools. Most recently this has included our integration of evaluation and the arts. The way we work as community, guided by our core values allow us to change, adapt, and respond to new opportunities in a way that encourages depth rather than breadth.

We will continue to provide a work environment that truly prioritizes balance and cares not only about what we do, but the lives of those doing it. This is a space where imagination is valued, intellect and creativity are lauded, and social justice remains at the forefront of all we do. We strive for no less as we continue to move into new sectors and partner with new clients, consultants, and the communities we are fortunate to be a part of.