Bethany Leech, MA

Bethany Leech graduated from The University of Minnesota in 2017, completing a Master of Arts in Organizational leadership and Policy Development, with a focus in Comparative International Development and Education and Program Evaluation. Prior to her graduate studies, Bethany was involved with community development, both internationally and domestically, gaining skills in capacity building, grassroots initiatives, intentional relationship building, facilitation, grant writing, and informal education. Through her service as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Swaziland for over 2 years, and through assisting the University of Minnesota Foundation on Children’s Health Initiatives build a culture of philanthropy, Bethany developed a passion for working with people on issues of social justice, community development, and education. Bethany’s evaluation experience has mostly been gained working as an intern with TerraLuna Collaborative, acquiring skills in qualitative data analysis, qualitative data collection and instrument design, and working as part of an evaluation team. She is drawn towards Developmental and Utilization-focused evaluation, as it incorporates some of Bethany’s core values: relationship building and capacity building. She also loves evaluation for the unique aspect that, as an evaluator, you are always learning something new, building your own capacity, and consistently expanding your worldview. In addition, she loves spending time traveling, hiking, sharing meals with friends, and creating art.