Andrea Breen

Andrea Breen is passionate about good leadership and system change and believes we must focus on equity, inclusivity and cultural competence in order to bring those about. Andrea has designed, implemented, and evaluated programs; helped organizations better define who they are; and designed and facilitated trainings around inclusivity and equity, sex education, staff boundaries, team building, and more.  She believes a focus on improving equity, inclusivity, and cultural competence in organizations will lead to better systems and a more just world.  The way about this is through engaging students, professionals, teachers, clients, managers, and citizens around issues of race, gender, class, access and equity. Andrea’s strengths lie in teaching how to lead, thinking through program design and asking hard questions. For the past 16 years, Andrea directed all aspects of the Barn Day Camp summer camp with the Farm and Wilderness Foundation in Vermont. She was integral in helping them develop and implement a 14-year plan to become an anti-racist institution.  She has volunteered as a parent and student facilitator and trainer for Shir Tikvah synagogue, served on the District Parent Advisory Council for the Minneapolis Public Schools, helped guide the Barton Open School Leadership council for many years and served on the board of other non-profit organizations. Andrea is finishing up a Masters of Public Affairs at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a focus on both Program Evaluation and Integrative Leadership, She has an advanced certificate of Equity and Diversity from The University of Minnesota and is fluent in Spanish.